Best Life International

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A diversified conglomerate with 11 fully owned subsidiaries which are into Retail, General Trading, Real Estate, Travel and tourism and Leisure ,
Texle,Technology, Furniture ,Health care and Plantaons.

The companies under the umbrella of Best Life.

  • Best Life World (Pvt) Ltd
  • Best Life Furniture (Pvt) Ltd
  • Best Life Prosumercity (Pvt) Ltd
  • Best Life Vacation International(Pvt) Ltd
  • Best Life Plantation(Pvt) Ltd
  • Best Life Health Services (Pvt) Ltd
  • Great Land Development (Pvt) Ltd
  • Best Life Vandana (Pvt) Ltd
  • Best Life General Trading (Pvt) Ltd
  • Universal International(Pvt) Ltd
  • Union Marketing(Pvt) Ltd