Generations across humans’ were capable enough in satisfying their needs using the resources from the immediate environment. Everything was facilitated free of charge. As time elapsed they were skilled to produced goods that are more than sufficient to fulfill their needs. This changed the inherited characteristics of the Barter System to Pricing System over successive generations. Today this process is named as Marketing.

Therefore most of the people around the world are tended to use this Marketing Concept in all kinds of purchasing. As an example if we disburse 100 currency units for purchasing in Sales , 50% of that is directed to intermediate cost. This portion is distributed between businessmen such as investors and contractors. On this, such rapid rambling definitely recreates strong wealth on these intermediaries.

The dominant intention of this organization is to distribute that mass intermediate portion of marketing with you, depending on your needs, commitment and skills to diminish the transitional cost that distributes within the intermediaries. To enter into this process one should improve a balanced growth on rudiments cited henceforth.

  • 1. Improving Correlative Knowledge & Intellectual Development.
  • 2. Developing mental qualities which is the heart of this process.
  • 3. Improvement or Growth in your living condition.

I firmly believe that if not above trio factors are well balanced, no one will be able to reach this aimed destination. Our main strength in sustaining this development is to enhance mass personal development by rousing the inner potential, which drives them towards these aims. On such, our ongoing Training Programs such as One Star, Two Star, Three Star levels , Kithulgala Base Camp Trainings & other training programs can be mentioned as examples for this.

Additionally we were able to escalate the production of goods & services within the country to increase direct and indirect placements significantly. For example the total amount of sold furniture items within first 10 months of the Year 2009 is more than One Hundred and Thirty Million Rupees. Also we have mass active operate, who work for Plantation Projects, Local Tourism Instructing programs and Foreign Pilgrimages.

Our ensuing intention is to upgrade the economy by increasing the foreign currency income to the country within next few years. We are kindly inviting you all to be partners of this mega progress.

When we looked back at our journey, it seems to be that we have passed so many challenges and graceful boundaries. I proudly tell that your immense brio is what’s made us succeed in conquering these challenges with virtue. My adherence reminds that this exploit could never be achieved within this two years ,without the supportive unity of Our Aggregate Marketing Corps , Consultation Committee, Internal Staff, Assistant Executive Committee and Main Executive Committee.

Furthermore I do recall the ace in the hole we received from the families of the company.

But, dear friends...still we are in the start... and far more to go...

Possibilities are numerous... Master with us... Build yourself...Thereupon we can build the universe.


Yours Sincerely,

Daminda Upali Fernando